All TruRating Pro customers are able to add up to two custom questions for each store running TruRating (e.g. different questions in different venues). 

Custom questions will run along your main rotation of core questions and enable you to dig into more outlet or wider business-specific issues. 

To setup your custom questions, you need to choose the Question settings for that outlet from your main Account menu. 

To add a custom question simply click on the green box marked 'Add Custom Question' next to your empty question slot.  This will take you to the Question Library.  Here you will find a wide variety of questions, each listed under one of the five core categories for your business sector.  Search through the lists, find the question that takes your liking and simply click the blue 'Add' button.

Once you have done this, the question will be added to your card payment device the next time that you upload ratings to TruRating.  You can delete a custom question at any point by clicking on the delete icon that appears to the right of the question subject in your Question menu.

It is worth noting that the scores received from your custom questions are not included in your overall TruRating score.