Each section of the dashboard offers a different perspective on how your business is performing, across a wide range of rating and financial measures.  While it can seem like there's a lot of information to take in at first glance, it's well worth taking a little time to familiarise yourself with each chart's functions.

The main function of each section is summarised in its title - by clicking on the information ("i")  tabs at the corner of each chart you'll be provided with a more detailed explanation of what that chart shows and the insight which can be gained from it.


Most of the charts can be customized to display different information, usually allowing you to view each of your 5 TruMetrics individually or in comparison with one another.    

You can use the below buttons at the top of  each chart to edit the information display and  change your current view of your ratings. 

This will only ever change your current view and will never permanently affect your scores.

Simply click on the button and when it changes from white to a colour, you are seeing that information on your chart.

Some of the charts allow you to plot further information such as 'Targets' or 'Events' against which allow for you to track your outlet's performance against your certain performance goals or 'business events'

e.g. short staffed or new voucher code launched - once you're familiar with the more basic functions exploring these settings can bring a deeper understanding of your overall performance.