TruRating is a new service that gives your customers a chance to give feedback about your business right at the moment that they pay. 

At checkout, a customer will be asked a single TruRating question about their experience on the payment terminal just before they enter their PIN.  

The questions work on a rotating basis but always ask the customer to rate your business (perhaps the value, or service for instance) from 0-9 via the keypad.  A quick tap and it's done.

Fast, anonymous, simple - TruRating is the simple consumer feedback concept that produces big results.  By taking the pain out of the process, you can access a wealth of authentic customer sentiment as never before.  

Monitor your performance levels, benchmark against competitors and use your analytics dashboard to improve and grow your business at every level.  

With TruRating, you can hear opinions from the majority of your customers for the first time - a truly representative sample.  

Please take a couple of minutes to watch this short video which helps bring the TruRating service to life: