To activate TruRating on your PAX terminals, you need to first register an account online, and then run through a simple activation process on your terminals. 

1. Register an account

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the online registration form. 
  3. You will receive a registration code via email + SMS text. 

2. Activating your first terminal

  1. From the 'Welcome' screen on your terminal press the top right or the Menu button. 
  2. Select option '2 - TruRating'. 
  3. Select option '1 - Activate'. 
  4. When prompted enter your 6-digit registration code. 
  5. Upon successful activation you'll see the message 'Great all done :) TruRating starts with next sale'. 

If you have more than one terminal in your outlet, you will need to run through a quick additional process to activate TruRating on your additional terminals.  Either restart them, and TruRating will activate automatically or follow these quick steps:

3. Activating additional terminals 

  1. From the 'Welcome' screen on your terminal, press the top right or the Menu button.
  2. Select option "2 - TruRating”.
  3. You will see the message ”This terminal is activated with TruRating".
  4. On the next screen select option "1- Turn on".

If you would like assistance during the activation process or have any issues along the way, please contact us and we will help you activate your terminals.