By setting up TruTargets, you can choose a target that you would like your business to achieve under each of the 5 TruRating metrics then you can track those targets.

To access the individual questions settings for an outlet, select ACCOUNT from the top of the screen them select which outlet you'd like to adjust the settings for, and then select Questions from the left-hand menu.

In the truTarget column, you can choose to enter any  target from 0-9 and can add up to 2 decimal places.

Here is an example .....


Once you have set your TruTargets and pressed 'Save Questions' you will be able to plot them in the dashboard on your Performance Over Time chart.  

Your Targets will be shown when you select the Targets tab of the Performance Over Time graph.

The benefit of plotting a a target is that it gives you the chance to see how consistent your ratings scores have been over a set period of time. This enables you totrack and further explore the reasons for any dips or peaks in your levels for each of your 5 core TruMetrics or custom questions.